Disclaimer: Pics are from the internet, working on it.

So I am about to finish my third week at the cute little digital agency in Kochhar Plaza. I still meet people telling me that there is no such company in the building I enter every morning; so you never now. Maybe I just fool all of you sitting in a basement in Utrecht posting pictures from Google. I don`t even bother to photoshop. Think of it.

Work finally starts to get busy and interesting. The first two weeks have been pretty annoying. After the glorious start with “Digital Marketing for Dummies” (Still hurts a bit), I spent days on a forum answering question they had made previous interns ask. And after that they tell me how great the forum is to have so many questions asked and answered. Guess how. One colleague had tried to get all her people management skills out and was like “Set yourself a goal! Say like: Next week I will have answered
400 questions. 400, ok? Good! Good! You make 400.” Great. I did so feel that goal. But as I say, I now do more meaningful work: Mainly Content Strategy, Copywriting and Design. They say they like my fresh approach, but I think compared to their designers I just leak like all skills and need to use creativity to make up for it. Let’s just wait for it, sooner or later the head designer will tell the managers to give me other tasks. You can bet on how many days or weeks. Do it in the comments. (That was a wonderful call-to-action, just like in “Webmarketing for Dummies”)Infra6

In Holland people are kinda lazy. In Germany people are super punctual, work super efficiently and leave kind punctual. I confess I like that. Here some come early and have to wait half an hour in a dark staircase with no lambs but 36 degrees. Most are slightly late. But what strikes me is that they have no intention to go home. Ten hours easy. I felt so bad even thinking of leaving after eight hours. I cannot be the lazy guy. I am the German here. So I was used to hang out in the office and enjoy the free Wifi. That doesn’t work anymore. As I said work finally gets busy. Feels like that: At around 20:00 they see me sitting there (enjoying the WIFI) give me lots of things to work on…. And then suddenly remember that they have to leave earlier than me. God I am not used to complain about such things. I am the German here.


Today we ordered food from McDonalds
to the office. I did not really get what we were celebrating, but who cares when there is food. I was thinking of Chicken Wings.  Made me really excited. Nope. Not in India. They must have called them and asked for fast food for around 25 people. (So far so good). And then added: Oh, only vegetarian please. I knew the Logo. But I have never seen this food before. It was a feast nevertheless. How can food be fatty without meat? How is that even possible? Another glorious food moment: Last week two women had birthday the same day. So a cake was brought. We sung. They held each other’s hand while cutting the cake, before the feed each other. Everybody claps. I stare like a stupid foreign intern. Next… colleagues come, feed the honoured, and get fed. I found out later that you are supposed to feed all your guest on your birthday and take a piece of cake from each of them. That be around 25 pieces. The girls did not. Let’s wait until one of the guys got birthday.

Overall the Indians have a really nice atmosphere.  More bodycse-stud05 contact than us, it looks like they are all very close friends or dating each other. (Fits the cake thing. Just saying.) I see them making jokes and laughing. Annoying and helping each other. It is indeed a playful and kind company. But it all happens in Hindi, with some English words here and there. They speak English to me to give task or show interest once a day. My agency has a great and close culture. I am just not part of it. Not yet. I remain cheerful and study Hindi every day. And it is not all bad. It feels like they are getting used to me and I get more relaxed too, and I think we will all find more easily the courage to talk to each other. Until than I keep smiling and shake hands. They seem to like that.


Soundtrack of my life: Coldplay – Atlas