I thought it would be just another Saturday I was expected to work on. And I was wondering if I could dare not to show up. But on Friday my colleagues bothered to tell me that we won’t work but have party to celebrate Diwali, the fesival of lights. Now that’s welcome indeed. We would start later and have even more fun than an agency normally does.

The party starts at 13:00.  1PM is kind of early for a room with disco lights, bar and dancefloor, but the Indians don’t want the women to go home alone late, so the get that job done early. Germans show up early when their boss calls. Everywhere in the world people show up late to a party. At least one hour late. I never learned that lesson and I don’t know how many time I sat at empty parties doing the awkward small talk for an hour or two.

In India most people are vegetarian and alcohol is sometimes considered to be something for sad and lonely men. So I expected some prude and boring afternoon with potato snacks and milkshakes. How wrong I was… An agency knows how to party. The boss arrives, asks for drinks and gives us the choice between vodka and whisky. If requested beer is an option too. To get the swing going the senior people pull everybody on the dancefloor and then the CEO is handing out shots. There is no way to escape. They got a real party running. With great food, an open bar, dance and sweat and victims of the alcohol we needed to get home. And all of this before the sun goes down.


The next week the aforementioned victims of vodka and whisky are frequently stroke by laughter to cover up the embarrassment. And the helping hands proudly compare scratches and scars. And all of us know we need each other to have that much fun. And that nights like this are part of any fun agency just like the nights when we are working out to hit deadlines. Well, that Saturday afternoons like this are part of any fun agency just like Monday nights when we are working out.

Soundtrack of my life: Disco Juggler Radio –  Episode 1