Paid Guest

I have a room in PG. Paid Guest. That is really a thing here in India. It is like a hostel with three meals. (200€ per month. Too much my colleagues say.) To not have to share your room you can simply pay for two. Thanks. And when I asked if there was a shower in the attached bathroom, the owner turned to the caretaker and asked where the bucket has gone. I really do not care where the bucket went. Down the hallway is a proper shower (water comes from above and leaves below). And most of the time it has water. At least more frequently than the toilet. And all the time I ask myself is this is really messed up or just typically India. I see woman sitting on the streets washing their hair next to a fancy Spa I could never afford. Anyway, neither me nor that woman smell in the sweaty heat of Delhi so I guess it is all fine.


Robil’s Uncle

So I live in a PG in which about 90% of people do not speak English. So how rare are the chances to meet people that are nice and you understand them good enough to realize. Thanks good there was Robil, who came to Dehli to fail his exams. (That is not fair to say, I guess he passed a few.) He sho
wed me that we could chill out on the roof and we were counting the 3 stars you can see through Delhi’s smog. And they do lots of Selfies here. Whilst I was working he would watch movies on the Laptop of his uncle. Who is not his uncle. The Indians call uncle whoever is older than them. Robil just walked up to some dude and said: “Hey uncle, can I have you Laptop.” Apparently this is how it works here. (“Instead of when Uncle has private videos on his laptop, like… ” Thanks. I get it) Still it is not that simple. Robil cannot be my uncle because he is not married yet. Sure. In India every guy can be my uncle if he is older than me, married and does not store porn on his laptop. Again I seem to have learned a piece of their culture.


On Friday it really hit me.

I was literally on my way to the door out of the office when one of my colleagues advised me to ask the CEO to get to weekends of so I can see India. I thought there were kidding me. It never never crossed my mind that I would work in the weekend. “Yeah, but it is no problem on Saturday we start half an hour later and you can wear casuals.” I can wear casuals? Well in this case….. I got to fix this. I need the Saturday simply to scope with India 24/7. This week I already had my Friday night with a girl from the internet and Robil join us. When we boys were waiting for here in the rain I started doubting which kind of girl goes out alone with 2 men from the web. Maybe she is just having pizza with her boyfriend while we stand like morons in the rain being stared at by all the Indians. She came. And she was crazy pretty too. I always said I like smart people. She paid the first round in a cheap club and picked the next club where I paid six times more to get us drinks. Like the attitude. But I am the unpaid intern here cannot just wave my credit card. Thanks god Robil does not drink. I still need to learn that India is not all cheap. It can be more expensive than Holland and they obviously always tell you later. Oh, and they principally display prices excluding tax and service. All Scammers here. Probably she is the worst. I am so going to meet her again. At least I will try.


Soundtrack of my life:  Charlie Puth – Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor