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My work has changed a lot. Like a lot. Last week I reached a point that I was so frustrated and bored that I wrote a complaining email to all my bosses. Well it’s just two. And they are married. So it’s basically just her. So I was worrying the whole weekend if they would upgrade my internship or just fire me. They didn’t fire me. Instead I got assigned a new project, where I work long hours and the weekend and lots of stress. Of course I like it. I really do. Oh yeah, and I finally spoke to a client: The minister of Health and Family Welfare. I am not sure if my boss was aware of the fact that there was his intern speaking to one of his clients for the first time. To put that in context: This is a minister ruling the biggest democracy of the world.
I explained him periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app. Guys, you all got to go and get periscope then I will make live streams from here. Its free and fun. (And I dont even get money for affilate marketing for saying this.)  To speak to the minister we needed to go through security and all this and were waiting for hours in different hallways and waiting rooms. Government in India is a lot like you imaging bureaucracy. Some details of the building are so old school that the remind me of Hogwarts. After we left the building the parking lot was covered with monkeys. Not a few. But doesn’t. They are pretty aggressive and we have great respect for them so we waited until security came with long Bamboo sticks to scatter them.




It was raining tonight. I loved it. It reminds me of Holland. And afterwards there are little pieces of blue sky before tje smog claims back his place.
It was raining tonight. I loved it. It reminds me of Holland. And afterwards there are little pieces of blue sky before the smog claims back his place.


Street life of Ramphal Chowk        chai tea india delhi

I get a lot more confident now with all the street food. Before I came here I thought I would never touch anything. Thanks to people like Jyoti and Robil I tried out a few thing and now it is already routine for me to grab some momos, fruits or a milkshake. And of course once in a while I take out my mug for a cup of tea. The Indians all drink from paper cups. I bring my own mug. Well they stare at me anyway so why not. And the mug fits twice as much chai. I got used to India and feel at home here in Dawarka, New Delhi, India. Ramphal Chowk is the name of the intersection and it is literally the centre of my world.

The time has been running. This week is already have time. That means I need to write endless reports to NHTV. The documentation required  is like an internship itself. I think of Jakarta every day simply because there is so much hustle arranging it. And of course the is soon Diwali , festival of lights, the biggest Indian celebration. And then there is Christmas, I cannot wait. I know my time here is short but it is incredible how the weeks fly by. In high school time never seemed to progress at all not it is rushing in front of my eyes and I can hardly follow it.

I have a lot of fun with my blog and all the friends and family online. Please make massive us off all this social media buttons you see everywhere. There are here for a reason and I love love love to hear from you.

Soundtrack of my life: Christina Perri – Burning Gold