The last Days in Delhi

I knew that the time would fly by. Trust me in some moments it didn’t. For example when I was freezing at night or puking out my guts in the hospital. But mostly it sure did. It is hard to believe that Delhi is already in my past. Every time I mention now that I have lived in Delhi many people wont believe me. It was strange to realize that the busy streets of Ramphal Chowk had slowly grown familiar to me. And boy, was I proud the first time I could point somebody the way. I am sad to leave behind my job, my colleagues and the smell of cardamom in the streets, but I am not sad at all to leave the cold room without a shower, the noisy stray dogs at night and the drunk Indians in the halls of my hostel.


Never got used to those
Never got used to those


Me and the CogsIndia Me cogd

In the last weeks at cogdigital me and my colleagues, the other cogs, both realized how fond we are of each other. There have been some awkward goodbyes, a few goodbye parties and some goodbyes that made me finally learn the names of a few programmers. I obviously takes one to leave to see how much the intern can contribute and how well he was treated. Thanks to my internship I have spoken to a minister (whose name I admit not to know), took selfies with the pretty world champion of female wrestling and spent half a year in the world’s worst polluted city. Isn’t that wonderful? It took me a long time to get part of the company but in the end it sure was worth it. With drinks, a bonfire and the tire at the fire we made sure that me last night is better than their next morning.


Try to get a Indonesian Visa in India. Just try it. GOT visa India meme

Getting a Indonesian Visa as a German in India coming from a Dutch university is freaking difficult. I could have expected that, but since Jakarta promised me to troubles I foolishly waited until I was told to go to the embassy and pick up my document. So I went to the embassy smiling and full of confidence: “I am Andreas Finzel and I am here to pick up my visa!” … “Who are you? And show me what you got!” More or less nothing was arranged. I convinced my boss that I had better things to do than work and went on a crusade or rather odyssey to somehow get my visa. After many phrases like “I am so sorry, I forgot we require another document.” , “We are sorry we don’t give such documents at all” or best “You have ten minutes to solve this, or I will be at lunch and you can come back next week.” I was finally holding a visa in my sweaty hands. Embassies never have to give you as visa and it feels like fighting windmills and begging for the mercy of The Seven.


And than I put my live into backpacksmy life in backpacks

Who would ever get the idea of backpacking and moving from A to B at the same time? I thought it would be simple. Than again I didn’t spend to much thought on it. Turns out like this: Coming to Delhi with two suitcases and leaving with two backpacks. Guess who is carrying his ties through Thailand? Still I could never get everything in there. I tell myself that it is good to reduce my possession to remind me that I am more than what I own.  But that is just stuff you say when somebodies house burned down. Well it is not that bad. After I filled my backpacks I gave some stuff to the Dobby that cleans my room and packed the rest to give it to the poor people. Where are the baggers when you need them? What do I tell somebody: “Hey, you look poor. Want some cloths that fit a skinny giant?” In the end I dumped in the wagon that the street kids use to collect trash. It sure is more worth than plastic bottles in a country without a system to return bottles, but I still wonder what they will do with a mix of tall cloth and stomach medicine.


From now on I will travel and juggle through Asia so there is lots to come.


Soundtrack of my life: Ariana Grande – One last time