Andreas Finzel at Indonesian WeddingI wasn’t actually invited. In the office I found an invitation for the Corporate Reputation Department. That includes the interns as well, right? Weddings are always fun with a lot free food and to be honest I am hardly ever invited to a party I show up to. So I annoyed my colleagues until they promised to take me along.  Take me along to a traditional Minangkabau Wedding like they do it in west Sumatra. Super fancy venue and amazing food, in this way an Indonesian wedding really is like an Indian. Hundreds of people just like in India. But here they line up to congratulate. At the Indian wedding I went to they didn’t do that. There they just came for the food and left without talking to the marry marrying ones. And here traditional Indonesian batik really the thing to wear. Some dress up in suit and tie but if you want to be very fancy in Jakarta you just wear a comfortable (and super expensive) batik shirt.

indonesian wedding
Watch the tongue.

The flower arrangements with the ridiculous big names

In Germany we sent big flower arrangements when somebody dies. Here they do that 50 years earlier when somebody marries. I guess the newly wed appreciate flowers more than the newly dead. It surely must be beautiful to receive so many flowers that they whole massive venue is filled with the sweet exotic scent of Lilies and Orchids. Then again I would want my wedding to be about me, but here they write their own name bigger than yours if they sent you flowers. It’s not about who is marrying, it’s just about who is rich enough to send the biggest flowers. And of course they mention all their titles, positions and so on. Indonesians argue this is for the gifted ones so they could show of their wealthy and powerful friends. I think this just to show of your own wealth and awesomeness. Why wouldn’t you just write: “Happy Wedding, Stella & John.” Finished.

flowers at Indonesien wedding

Catching those flowers at the Indonesian Wedding

The bride throws her flowers to be caught by a lucky one. I actually got that lucky. In Europe only the “virgins”/ single women / not married women are invited. Here at the Indonesian wedding they specifically invite gentleman as well. That is to be said in my defence. I was just standing behind the crowed of excited female Asian. Left hand still holding tons of desserts. Grown and bride tried to throw the flowers together. First time too low and they hit a cameraman at the head. Second time they hit the ceiling. Third time aimed at my head. There was no way for me not to catch it. It would have hit me straight in the face. So I find myself with my fist erected holding those flowers, surrounded by (pretending to happy, but actually jealous) Indonesian girls. Ups. Drama… lots of drama. Somebody pushes a microphone in my face and tries to repeat my name. Somebody took all my dessert from me. And the others moved me to the stage to receive my price. I got some fancy body lotion with a tag “…. Be the next bride.” Well, thanks a lot. I appreciate the gesture. Guests told me I should have expected an iPad or iPhone, but I wasn’t that lucky. Maybe with the next invitation in the office.



And some more pictures contributed by the mighty groom himself: 

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taufan and vita at their indonesian wedding