How amazing is it to get a holiday during the week? The Indians love them and have lots of them and they have got enough religions here to find reasons. So we were off today. I lately get confused when I work and when not with Saturdays being working days but only twice a month and holidays all over the year. I carefully asked my colleagues: “So Thursdays we are off?”. Yes. Hopefully continuing: “And Friday?” Friday we work. “Saturday?” Off, of course. ….of course? “And Sunday?” Off. Just to be sure. You never now. Work is cool whenever there is work to be done. I am about to switch departments at work from Facebook and design to Search Engine Optimization. Sorry for the nerd term. It is basically making Google love you. I ll know less and learn more. So I guess I am excited.

Andy and Jyoti
I try to look smaller. Just looking funny.

Markets in India
The markets in India are super cool. On a holiday even more off course. I even get excited about the market in the Haagdijk in Breda that I used to visit very week and complain like an old Dutch housewife when the cucumbers got more expensive. In Holland I managed at least to shop by myself. Here I need help from locals to know which prices are ok and to actually bargain the sellers down to a good offer. My Dad once told me about the negotiation strategy in which the decision maker send somebody else to bargain and bring a fixed offer. In this way the seller cannot manipulate the decision being made. That seems to work for big international corporate contracts and it definitely works to by shoelaces on Delhi’s markets. Take it from me. Thanks god Jyoti came to the market with me. She would find out where to get what I need, bargain down the price and in the end she even needed to pay because I didn’t have change. Why can’t the guy sitting in the dusk with a bundle of shoelaces not give change for my 1000 INR note (in words: one thousend)? He asked for 20 INR. Ok I kind of get it. We were joking I should prepare lists for my Indian friends of all the things I need help with. It is really good to have the local support. Without that I would be lost all the time and pay probably ten times more than I should. Well I still do that way too often.

Metro in India
Metros are often weird.
They are ofthen crowded and definitly on a Holiday. I am so tall that I can most of the times see the both ends of the train. And those trains are insanly long. Today in the Metro I saw a shirt saying: Die foten Hosen, Zuruck zum Gluck. That one is for the Germans. For the Dutchies: I make Indians say “Goede Morgen” whenever I fail hard in speaking Hindi. Happens a lot. India is so incredible diverse. Many people are just as snobby as Europeans when it comes to wealth and manners. And others don’t mind sitting on the floor of the metro with their whole family. Mother, kids, grandpa all of them in harmony. When the metro than gets crowded I feel really bad for the old man whose face gets pressed into my butt or wherever. (As I write this I try to sit like them on my bed and just fell down backwards). It seems to me that about half of the places in the metro are reserved for the Old, Ladies or Differently Abled. (Aaaaaaah, that’s how we call them now.) And yet there is this old lady sitting on the floor. Which is by the way not allowed. Sitting on the floor is a offense. So is keeping your backpack on your back. (It is not called floorpack?) As is it for men to ride the first car meant for women only. That on is even a punishable offence. They make it sound really scary. I did that once by accident. I didn’t get punished but the looks of everybody else where punishment enough. Getting to the city takes me around 90 minutes in the metro so I guess there will be more to write about. Until than I try to stumble Hindi, make friends, don’t pay too much and get my excitement shoes on to see Jaipur over the weekend. And by the way Adele is about to release new album.


Soundtrack of my life: Adele – I’ll be waiting