The Friday before I had checked the street and tried to find the office. No sign at all. Just some massage saloon and India all over the place. Maybe I had signed up for a more hands-on job than I thought.  Some guys seemed to realize that I was lost and started to ask what I was searching for. They still had never heard of an agency in their street. Great. Then a colleague saved me. I am still very grateful. Later I came back to just pop in and say hello. It is easy to pop in, but after the CEO told me to just stay and have a look around it was quiet tricky to leave again.

Now my first actual day: They made me read: ‘Web Marketing for Dummies’ And she even bothered once to check on me if I would understand what was written in there. “We got a document here”, that is what she said. And I thought it would be some sort of corporate identity brochure. Nope, not in India. It was by the way the Dummie-Edition of 2007 explaining mobile phones and terms like SMS or broadband. Great Intro.

It was not all bad tough. The people are really kind and I think the try to help. The CEO more or less told 5 different people to take care of me and looks really angry at one or two of them every time I don’t know what to do. And since they all got other ideas for me I rarely know anything. In Holland the interns may bring coffee. Here somebody brings me tea. Yet the cups, plastic cups, are super greed small. After two days in the office, that’s about 16 hours reading, I finished the book. Let’s see what’s next. Maybe ‘Social Media for Babies and pregnant Teenagers’ or ‘How to not drop Chai’. I do like them. Just try to stay cheerful.



The people in Holland casually mentioned on Facebook that they had rearranged my internship contract and send to the agency. After I check just to see if I would get my Christmas break of, the Indian just said: “Sure you can go. It doesn’t matter what is written here. In India we hardly work paper.” Phrase of the hour: mutual understanding.

Side note: I still don’t have a room and the agency is getting noxious about it. Me too. For now I am in a cheap hotel extending my booking all the time. Not sure if those people hate me or love me. Some of them creep around all the time and smile at me out of dark corners. My door is looked. I have met with realtors the last days, but apart from the fact that they are suspicious and expensive they don’t even have proper or many offers. So for now I am looking into Facebook and Coachsurfing to get a bed and a Wifi code. Wish me luck.


I think in India you just have to accept it and tell yourself not to bother. The streets are chaotic. The toilets all dirty. The food is never trustworthy. The people don’t speak English. The date on groceries is lays back in August. It is too hot outside and too cold inside. But it is nice. There is life everywhere. There is laughter. There is the smell of spices and fruits. There are kids playing with dogs. There are parties on the street. It is authentic. It is just all of it. All of India and all of life.

Disclaimer: Sorry the pictures are from Google, I need a camera or a better phone. But soon I will spam you with high class media.

Soundtrack of my Life: James Blunt – Out of my mind