Sometimes I wonder if the whole year builds up to the same Christmas. So much happens and has changed. This whole idea of studying abroad has escalated totally and somehow I am in Delhi now. And yet I drop everything to celebrate Christmas the same way as every year. X-mas is something I somewhat don’t want to change even though I push change so much. I just love my normal Holiday. And boy… how much time and effort we invest into that. I planned my internship with the condition that I would get to celebrate with my family and, my friends and I have been planning the annual Christmas dinner since July. Yep July. Not kidding. We have been counting the months, weeks, days and now I am counting the hours.

Diwali overshadows

Usually Christmas is all around me. Every street, definitely every store and every TV and radio station proclaims the season. And most importantly the people around me share the excitement building up as the stress about getting presents drives us mad. But not this year. In India the time before Christmas is above all the time after Diwali. I loved Diwali, but I love my own holiday more. The people in India just celebrated their biggest festival in November and nobody can afford to do something like Christmas or Diwali every year. One is expensive enough but I would be totally broke to go big twice. So even tough Christmas is known in India, and my company even troughs a little party, it is no comparison to the annual insanity in Europe. India has an incredible amount of holidays and Christmas is just one of them.


So this year I often felt quiet alone in all my excitement. I have been sitting at my desk with one earplug listening to Christmas songs while the other ear is trying to make sense out of the Hindi conversations going on. This is obviously a helpless system. And whilst I am humming carols my colleagues just try to find out when, for how long and why I am paying expensive flight in December. I guess when I brought in the Christmas tree they realized that I was very serious. And I myself realized when I brought in that little tree that I was ready to make is Christmas time what every if cost and whatever they wanted it or not.

How I try to prepare for christmas

The last weeks I spend wondering trough my Indian life looking very actively for every sign of Christmas in the dusty streets of Delhi. It is cold here too for example. Too cold to be honest. And I still remember the first plastic tree I saw on sale. I actually took a picture just because I was excited.  I took a selfie with a ugly Santa without even wearing a ugly Christmas sweater. I listened to Christmas music all day long and spend hours optimizing my playlist. (I should be optimizing search engine results at the moment.) And of course I spend hours and many Indian Rupees in shops, markets and bazaars to get the perfect presents for my friends and family. My list was way too long and I bought way too many shawls/scarfs. I don’t have that much women in my life but those shawls are pretty and I can afford them.


And now I am finally sitting in the airport at 01AM totally pumped and excited for 2 weeks of Holland, Germany, Friends, Family, YMCA and of course Christmas. I am grateful that I have the chance to fly back and I am wondering if the students that stay abroad have the best or the worst Christmas, now that they finally get one that is not like every year. I will have it like very year. Thanks god.

Soundtrack of my life: My Awesome Holiday Playlist