Still nurturing friends from the Internet.

The Saturday alone sucks. And I like to be prepared so on Friday I would go online and try to do some Social Media Magic. You got to stand out of the clutter so I attached to my post, what I considered casual, a picture of light dressed Hollywood stars in bed. And after that, I felt the need to attach a disclaimer that I was actually looking to discover Delhi and not anybody’s body. Still wondering if it was not even that bad of an idea. The only response I got were Indian fake-tit-duckface-selfie-queens being like: “Ooooh, don’t you have anybody?” Woah. Too much.efron17f-3-web

The whole grotesque scenario made the girl from last week join so I was more than happy to delete that post and we still have something to laugh about. We remain, that she may choose the next celebrity ending up half naked on the Delhi internet helping me weekend loner to find company.


Saturday Delhi Day.

Whatever the duk-face-selfieexpectred my weekend was quiet nice. She was willing to show me the city but after telling her what I want to see, she made clear that I may visit all this overcrowded tourists places by myself and we would now be talking about what she wants to see. But honestly I am fine with that. Everything in India is a bit of an adventure and Delhi is literally a city full of wonders. Every time we exit a metro (those are above the houses) she aims to the entrance and I just stand there for a bit staring at the little piece of Delhi I can see. Sometimes its dozens of cows. Sometimes a 15m high monkey god statue. Palaces, temples, tombs. Lots of slums and the never-ending chaos of horning traffic. Horning. Not horny. It’s pretty much the opposite.

We went to the parks where the tourists ask to have their picture taken and take your picture.
And then they take selfies. And a group picture. It is a lot of picture taking. Jyoti made sure to have a phone with a camera. So that is why there are some proper personal photos in my personal blog today. (Don’t be too sure, I might be in Utrecht photoshopping.)


12030650_10207657646389257_1860926225_nI am getting better with the whole negotiating tactics. And I better do. She is laughing at me when I pay 30 INR for a bottle of water. (Screw the 13ct I paid more.)  Apart from that I got some nice deals when I started buying Christmas presents for my family. Yeah I know. I shouldn’t be doing that right now. But you got to start in time and I cut myself a nice deal. So many things are so cheap here and at the same time you can get everything five times more expensive when you are not careful. India is a really rich country, too.  It is so easy to forget that.


We saw Delhi’s oldest bakery which is a fast food temple with French paintings now. Don’t get me wrong it is amazing. But still… more like French fast food than Indian tradition. Thanks god. When we ordered Irish coffee we felt pretty badass having whisky in there during the afternoon in a country where most people do not drink and the legal age is 25. For a bit we felt badass. As we didn’t get the whisky we expected I grabbed (stupid impressing macho like) the cups and went to discuss with the counter why (the hack) we did not have whisky. The manager looked at me and just confirmed that indeed there was no whisky in our coffee. It slowly came to me that we got different imaginations of Irish coffee here. So, feeling like a real tourist, I asked whether Irish coffee includes whisky or not. And it doesn’t. In India they only pour some weird syrup in there. To not return to the table defeated I insisted of getting more of that syrup for both cups which the manager poured so generously that I felt sick later for hours. Defeated at last I guess.

We than just went to hang out in a mall to kill the time we enjoyed spending together. India is a country of rapid growth, not maintenance. Everywhere you can see new rich and wonderful buildings or very impressive projects like the Delhi Metro. (Which is btw so much better realized than Stuttgart 21 or the forever to big Breda Station.) But still the Indians never learned to take care of such. The shopping mall, only a few years old, already looks dirty on the outside and the Metro will soon lose its glory. In Europe we have long reached (nearly) stagnation in so many aspects, demographics and economy just being two, but we focus so much on sustainability now. The Indians don’t. Here everything is to be newer better and faster realized. Let’s see how it ends.


The monkey in town.

The first monkey I have seen in Delhi was jumping Monkey Delhion the wires that stretch everywhere above my head. Monkeys are really rare in this very urban area. So the kids on the streets ran laughing and screaming after the monkey. Soon the adults came to watch the kids. It was pretty adorable indeed. I was getting really excited and acted probably more like the kids than the adults. So as I am standing on the street looking into the wire jungle above my head one of the smaller kids looks a bit nervous and hides behind my legs. That was pretty adorable still. I mean I am totally fine with some cutie holding on to my legs because he is scared about the monkey, or the kids, or the parents or whatever. He was nervous indeed as he stuck his little cute hand in my bag. “Kackbratze.” (I have no English word for that. Germans feel free to suggest translations.) All my values are protected with zippers at least. So the tiny hand didn’t get anything as I softly but strictly pushed the boy away.  It’s the same kids in the streets every day so he must have been seeing me every day since. I guess we are still friends.

Soundtrack of my life: Lil’ Kleine & Ronnie Flex – Zeg Dat Niet