India Hospital BedIt has been a clique story. The European guy in India eats Indian food from food stands and gets problems with his stomach. I was in the hospital for 2 days with food poisoning. And I had been so proud to be able to eat all the nice Indian foods. Not anymore. At the moment I am very very careful.


After an awful night with fever and puking I got to the hospital by myself and stumbled through the floor for an hour or so until some Indian woman fond the mercy to bring me to a doctor. I was convinced I had a cold that got worse hence the fever. Nope. They did not believe me and told me it was food poisoning and kept me mainly because of the fever.

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Typical Dwarka view.
Typical Dwarka view.

It is that kind of really unpleasant sickness where lots of disgusting stuff happens. So I will skip all the details. The hospital staff did either not speak English or was really excited to have an expat in. I don’t mean bad but at the moment I cannot stand Indian food and live from fruits, bread and salad. Soon I will get back to normal. I was in the hospital for 2 days and now I slowly building up my work hours again. My company has been a real family. They visited me every day and smiled even when they didn’t know what to say to the sick intern in front of them. Hospital is always so much drama.

How they spelled my name....
How they spelled my name….

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