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There are those times you tell yourself you had a great weekend because it feels better after a long week. And there are although those long weeks that actually end in a great weekend And sometimes I am lucky. Before I came here I knew that a classmate of mine would be here too but it actually took me 5 weeks to ever contact him. Well, I was still faster than him. Together with my friends from the internet it promised to be a nice crowd. I don’t know what is there to be done wrong but you would be surprised to hear how much time I spend sitting on doorsteps in Delhi waiting for some girl to arrive. We got to find a way to make appointments like the Germans. Clear place and time and then you see each other five minutes earlier. In Delhi I just get lost and need help to find anything so I always end up being late. Every time I go out people ask me if I am lost. I am not always lost. I know most of the times where I am. At least that I am in Delhi. That has got to be enough. So anyway I first collected two nice Indian girls and then they helped finding Mike’s place. (Must have been like 90 min later than I planned. I need to stop planning or plan better. But something has got to change.) I didn’t expect it to be so good when I finally met Mike. It is better than you think to see a familiar face so far away from everything. With his colleagues and my friends we had a blast in Haus Khaz Village.12170482_874729899262599_758043728_n


What do they think how rich I am?Gurgaon-Rickshaw-Driver-pastalane-640x480

Something incredible happens over and over again. I am about to enter the club just steps after my friends when the staff holds me back and demands 2000 INR entrance. I am not such rich kid paying 30 bucks just to enter anything. But as I turn back the call me and let me in for free. All the time people ask for ridiculous prices. Just because I am white does not mean that I am rich. Trust me on that one. It is not that easy. I wish. It gets the most extreme with the rickshaw drivers.Gateway-of-India-Laughing-Club
The first one asks for 150 and I end up walking down the line discussing so long until I get one down to a reasonable price. Yesterday I nearly didn’t get home at all because most of them managed to stick together and demand too much. Normally I manage to play them against each other until one starts dumbing the prices.  I have the tactic to just start walking away until the call me back. Works fine in daylight. Gets pretty scary at night when everything tells you not to walk away. But I want to get my price. And I mosquitoesbelieve I am not some stupid tourist falling for their tricks. Probably me believing that is exactly why I do pay too much way too often. Or even better: I end up with sophisticated sellers and find myself asking for a stupidly unrealistic price because I just think they charge too much. Than those normally laugh at me. Well the rickshaw guys try the same. I normally just walk away. The rickshaw guys call me back. The others keep laughing.

We just try to make the best out of it118887093_lunch_368602b

Mike’s colleagues are kind as most Indians and even though the two white guys are really bad in it we had a nice lunch on the floor. My feet and knees hurt and I spilled food all over me whilst the Indians happily eat with fingers and laugh at us trying to stumble a few Hindi words. They needed to film a festival which sounds like way more fun than it is. Me and Mike basically went with them to a first festival then got bored so we left to another one to find out that was even more boring so we went back. Great job guys.
In Delhi we come close to Dewali a huge Indian festival season so there is many events and much to see. My colleagues invited me to celebrate with them and of course I said yes. Let’s see if it works out. The last time I thought they wanted to have a drink with me they all started to hectically shake my hand and leave. Thanks. But I will get there eventually. I have hope to get to have great fun with them in less than three months. Time is running. We look forward to Dewali in November. Then I will leave for Christmas soon. And when I ll be back here in January there will be only a few weeks left. I see it happening. The day I will be able to speak that little Hindi I would need to survive the first week will be the day I say goodbye. Goodybye. Alavidā. (I actually needed to look that up.)

Update: Whilst I write that I keep on punching my face to kill mosquitoes.

Soundtrack of my Life: Lady Gaga – Gypsy